Events and 2017 Programs

2017 Annual Orchid Show and Sale at Moana Nursery

1100 West Moana Lane, Reno Feb 3rd-5th

Fri. 3th  9am to 5pm    Sat. 4th  9am to 5pm      Sun. 5th  10am to 2pm

Free Orchid Classes:

  Saturday 10 am:      ORCHID GROWING BASICS: 

Trying to re-bloom your orchid without success?  Attend this this informative “how to grow” class and learn a variety to tips on how to take care of your beautiful plant.


Demonstration on the best technique, for successfully re-pot any species  of orchid. This year we are having a demonstration session only, please do not bring your own orchid.


Photos of our shows are in the GALLERY.


       2017 OSNN monthly Meetings Program

  • Jan 7th – Member’s Orchid Plant Swap & Sale.
  • Feb.  5th to 7th – Our annual SHOW & SALE AT MOANA NURSERY, no regular meeting this month.
  • March  2nd  Review of  the Moana Nursery Show & Sale Member’s Orchid Plant   Swap and Sale 
  • April  6th –   Our Speaker Kathleen Barrett, AOS Judge, and co-chair of the publication board for “Orchids” magazine.  Topic: INTERACTION DISCUSSION
    how to research all orchid questions online  FOR FREE.
  • May 4th    This month speaker Ted Foln, Professor Emeritus in the Dept. of Plant Sciences at UC DAVIS, will talk about HOW ORCHID NAMES REVEAL CULTURAL REQUIREMENTS IN DENDROBIUMS.
  • June 1st  This month’s Speaker is Jonathan Robbins, his talk is  “ORCHIDS AND MORE”…. Jon is a board member of the Sacramento Orchid Society. He is also the owner of  Floral Culture, Orchid & Special Growing Supplies.
  • July 6th  Our Speaker Carol Klonowoski’s Topic:  Multifloral Paphiopedilums. Carol has been growing orchids since the 1980’s and is a Fully  Accredited AOS Judge with the Sierra Nevada Judging Center.
  • August 12th   Annual OSNN Picnic
  • September 7th  Topic: ORCHIDS OF MEXICO Jim Rose of CAL-ORCHIDS. He will talk  about blending in 45 years of commercial orchid growing. Jim is a Cymbidium Society of America judge, and recognized for the “Pacific” line of reed-stem Epidendrums.  
  • October 5th  Our Speaker Jeff Tyler is a member and board member of the Sacramento Orchid Society & The Orchid Forum. His talk title: ” 25 of my favorite orchids”. 
  • November 2nd  DESERT and MORE SOCIAL EVENT. Raffle orchids are from Jeff Tyler, SITU ORCHIDS. Please bring a desert or snack to share.
  • December 7th  Christmas Party (date to be announced).

For  Orchid Shows in the US :

Visit the American Orchid Society   

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