About Us

The Beginning…

In 1985 a group of dedicated orchid hobbyists in Reno put a notice in the Reno Gazette Journal to see if there were other people in the area who love to grow orchids, and would enjoy participating in an orchid society.

The response was surprising; fifteen people eagerly joined and  formed the

Orchid Society of Northern Nevada

John Anundsen was our first President, Chett Bramlett Vice President. A Newsletter was proposed and Hugh Mozingo became the first editor.

Northern Nevada is a unique challenge for growing orchids and the fluctuations of the number of members of the OSNN reflect that challenge. The society has been very fortunate in having excellent speakers who enjoy coming to the Reno area.

Over the years our society has grown, and we have orchid shows and very popular lectures  each year for the novice and expert orchid grower to enjoy.

The Orchid Society of Northern Nevada is a tax-exempt organization under the 501(c)3 code, and an Affiliate of the American Orchid Society



The Society meets at 7:00 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at Moana Lane Garden Center (1100 West Moana Ln. Reno), in the Landscape & Design Bldg.

Various topics are covered such as planting and growing techniques. Speakers offer a variety of cultural information. Various topics are covered, they include cultural information of specific orchids and re-potting demonstrations.


Please go to EVENTS on this website to see details about our Orchid show.

Each month there is  an orchid filled raffle table. A ticket to win an orchid of your choice can be purchased at the meeting for $2.00 a ticket. Remember if you bring a dessert for our break you receive a free raffle ticket! Members are encouraged to bring an orchid or two to  for our ‘Show and Tell’ segment to share with the group this will  also earn you a free raffle ticket..


Members are from a diverse group from all over Northern Nevada and California. Beginners to experts provide an excellent resource of knowledge and advice. Our members grow orchids under a variety of conditions, including greenhouses, underlights and even windowsills.

Membership Application:

If you would like more information about Orchid Society of Northern Nevada or would like to join click here.

Advantages to membership include:

  • Monthly Newsletter,speakers, lectures, slideshows, ‘hands on’ growing tips from expert orchidists.
  • Lending Library
  • Plant raffles (monthly)
  • Orchid culture advise
  • July picnic and plant auction
  • Annual show and sale
  • December Christmas Party and a special raffle.
  • Most of all making new friends with people who also have the ‘orchid bug’ (no cure, just collect more…)

Membership: A single membership is only $25 a year, and $40 for two persons in the same household. All membership dues are payable in January.

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