April 3rd 2014 Newsletter

 We meet at the Moana Landscape and Design Center at  7:00 PM
1100 West Moana Lane in Reno

Presidents Message:

We all have times when we realize we have too many of one variety of orchid or an orchid has outgrown its pot and needs dividing or that the ‘miniature’ has become too large. Perhaps you have a plant that is just not happy in your windowsill but would be happy in someone’s greenhouse.

The April meeting is your chance to sell it or work a trade with other OSNN members. Bring your orchids that need a new home. You can bring as many plants as you wish. This meeting will combine sales, trades and socializing. Members can negotiate among themselves. OSNN will not charge a percentage.

Don’t forget to bring your ‘show-and-tell’ plants. Also, circle May 3-4 on your calendar for our show and sale at Rail City Garden Center. This is another important event that allows OSNN to bring growers and other orchid experts to Reno.
–Taeko Heiser

Welcome new Members:
Sarah Fletcher, Betty and Thad Holcomb, Christine Kratzer and Peggy Ragsdale.

 Wear Your Name Badge:
Please pick up and wear your name tag, that helps all of us to get to know each other faster, especially our new members in 2014. All name tags will be collected and entered in a special orchid raffle.

This Month Speaker:   Gisela Hymmen will present a slideshow from the
March 2005 18th World Orchid Conference in Dijon France.

 Hospitality:  With its focus on OSNN’s social side, April’s meeting promises to be a most pleasurable one for all of us. Naturally, having something to munch on as we mingle, and meeting our new members, will add to the fun.

 Please consider bringing some sort of “finger food,” such as a light hors d’oeuvre or dessert, to contribute to our snack table. Plates and napkins will be provided.

Don’t forget – your contribution earns you a free raffle ticket!                               Questions or suggestions? Contact Pam McAllister, Hospitality.

Orchid culture and growing tips:   http://www.orchid-care-tips.com/  is a great site for beginners and experts to learn more about growing orchids. Also check out the LINKS on our website www.osnnv.com for more information about orchids.

Do you have stuff for next month’s newsletter?  If so then contact Gisela before the 20th of the prior month.  Submissions may be edited for content.





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